40 Countries & Now The USA!

Please know, as you can see, I am not talented at landing page design! The importance of the information takes priority over what the page looks like!

*Category Creator

*One of a kind, never seen before

*DNA Accumulit SA Technology

*Supports Intracellular Activity

* Phytonutrient Nourishment

*FDA Registered in USA

*Instant gratification nutrition

*100% Absorbable

*Negative Ions To Create New Cells & Energy Production

*Non-Gmo , Gluten Free, Organic, Kosher, and Vegan

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The owner of the company says if you can find another in this industry that pays out better- he will personally give you 10k in cash!!!

*8.5 years In Business *Available in 40 Countries

*11 Ways To Get Paid *Low Autoship Requirement- $40.00

*Comp plan Pays 63% on the Dollar *Biz fee is just $25 per YEAR

*Affiliate Packages Start At Just $100.00

More info on the products!



Sign up process

1. Click on link above
2. Click – Join  the APLGO Family ( Top left in dark green bar)
3. Complete information then click button that says “send email for confirmation” you will enter code then press SEND
4. When done , check your email to get your ID# and password.
5. You are now back at the green website , click orange login this will take you to your back office .
6 On left side select “ Shop” from drop down menu. Here you will fill out your shipping and credit card information. Select country, check the box for delivery service followed by your address etc. and accept the terms.
7.  Select a Go-Kit
They range between $100 to $3000. Select the $25 associate fee at the bottom and then continue.
8. Complete your credit card information.
9 . Confirm your order.

EMAIL ME: info@dnahighlife.com Or PHONE ME: 1 360 509 4302