BRN or Brainy

Do you find yourself not being able to concentrate like you used to? Maybe you have trouble multi tasking. Do you need a boost of energy for brain clarity? This product is AHHHMAZING! Even kids can take this to help with focus and concentration!

All the ingredients in these products have thousands of peer reviewed studies over many years for safety as well!

My name is Elmer Stang, I am from Airdrie, Canada.

It has become very important to me to share with you my testimony because my experience has been outstanding and I believe you too will also benefit greatly from my experience.

I have been disabled for past 21 years. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 50 and at 60 I landed in a wheelchair. Today I am 72 years of age.

In the beginning I spent about a decade on pharmaceuticals with the recommendations from neurologists and physicians. Most of their prescribitions had all kinds of side effects and didn’t seem stop any progress of the disease. So eventually I went off their prescriptions. I began a regime of natural supplements prescribed by a scientist who puts supplements together for people with MS

A few months ago I was introduced to Plant based DNA Drops, they are a lozenge and they taste great. I believe that the nutrients in them is healing my body naturally. I just passed the 90 day mark and this is what I have experienced so far,

Clarity in my mind and thoughts and improved awareness and more ability to concentrate.

I am in a much better mood in general and get a feeling of well being…. I’m just feeling better all around and have more energy

My vision has improved greatly which astonished me because no one around me of same age has neither seen or experienced anything like this.

My digestion has improved, I feel more satiety and less hunger.

I am really grateful to have a improved bladder and bowel control I feel less urgency and have a better ability to control eliminations.

I am better able to stand and my balance has improved

I am also experiencing movement during the night including rolling over ! This has not happened in 10 years !

My sleep has improved and I wake up feeling truly rested.

My hair and nails also look much better. They look very healthy.

In 90 days, these drops have done more for me than all the other natural products and pharmaceuticals combined.

I am aware these are unlikely improvements being as how M.S. is a degenerative disease. I believe the plant DNA is feeding my brain and system and since the nutrients are 100% absorbed through my mouth and have ZERO side effects, I’m feeling very thankful for them. I believe It’s a complete simplification of the nutritional process and based on these improvements, I’m believing and knowing that these are feeding my body and especially my brain.

I am feeling hopeful for an even better future.

Cheers, Elmer ✌🏽. *** Also I have a burning sensation on the bottoms of my feet. This is also new

It helps him answer questions faster! I have been giving BRN to my grandson that is 9 years old that has Tourette’s syndrome,he is super intelligent but suffers from tic’s and sometimes has long pauses when answering questions (processing disorder) he has been taking it for a little over a week and I ask him yesterday if it makes him feel any different he said he feels like it helps him answer questions faster and when I say this kids is intelligent I mean you can ask him almost anything about space and the solar system ( his most recent interest) and he can tell you off the top of his head like the atmosphere of each planet, how long it takes for each planet to orbit the sun, how many moons each planet has and their names and

I am hopeful that it helps reduce his tic’s ( he does an eye roll that sometimes is so frequent that it is frustrating to him)so stay tuned for that update !!! #BRN#Tourette‘s

are you ready for an INCREDIBLE testimony??
I wondered if I would make this common knowledge.🤔
because I am very private about certain things.
But because today was such an AMAZING discovery.. 😍
I feel like it may help more people
if I am transparent.
So here it goes,🤷🏻‍♀️
a little over 4 years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
My neurologist called it
“The perfect storm”..
I didn’t know what that meant in that moment, till my doctor explained..
Basically it was just under the size that would of warranted needing my head cut open.
if it did grow then it could make me blind before ultimately killing me.
If it stayed the same size, I could potentially live a long, happy life.
I have a team of doctors that I consistently get checked out by.
I have gotten MRI’s as well as a bunch of screenings.
Well, today was my routine MRI..
once again, to see if it’s behaving..
As I laid in the large capsule listening to loud buzzing which reminds me of the game “Simon” only if you were losing over and over!!
While I was having to hold completely still for an hour as they took their images.
I thought about how life can change any moment but it’s going to be okay.
Today my neurologist sat me down and went through all my scans, as they always do with me and showed me how my tumor has actually shrunk since it’s last scan!! 🥺🙌🏽
I can’t tell you the sense of calmness that runs through your body when you are told you’re winning a war within yourself that you secretly have been fighting.
Best thing about it all,
He asked me what I have done differently over this past year..
Asked if I have been needing the meds they had prescribed for my heavy migraines and other side effects I was dealing with.
I immediately said Nope,
… I feel great!!
I was on my oil for the last two years religiously so that’s not new..
(they have seen me since using that)
But I yelled.. MY CANDY!!!
My neurologist looked at me,
( like I was crazy)
But then I explained and he replied with..
“ well Ms. Jenna, “
probably still thinking I was crazy I’m sure,
but humored me by continuing …
“we have been monitoring you now for awhile and to see this today,
is nothing short of amazing!!
So you keep doing exactly whatever it is that you’re doing & if you have magical candy, by all means keep eating it!!”😉
Truth is,
We all have invisible expiration dates, no ones life here is promised to be long.
But today..
I was able to kick that invisible dates ass! & I choose to believe my candy had something to do with it!!🙌🏽♥️✨