RLX (Relax)

TESTIMONIAL: “Hi Julia & Don, I want to thank you for the DNA candy samples. Talking about in the nick of time! I was right in the middle of a panic attack when my samples arrived. I took one of the RLX and within minutes it was gone! I’m so excited to try all the others. I want to ask u something: is it o.k to give the link for a sample to my room mate? He’s very much interested in this. Well just wanted to get in touch and thank you. Am looking forward to experiencing all the other candy. S.F., California”

Ruth Mayne: This is the very first product I took! I was not expecting the results I got, that is for sure! I am they type of person who when I go to bed, no matter how physically tired I am, my brain just will not shut off, so I have a very hard time many nights in getting to sleep. On night one, I took a RLX and the next morning when I woke up I thought, geez, I fell asleep in about 20 mins! so on night two, I took note and sure enough I was asleep in about 20 mins.. every night since, I have been able to relax, shut my brain down and fall asleep! I have confirmed my sleep times with my smartwatch, as I was astounded! I have the same problem when getting a massage, or going to a float tank, I pay for extra time as it takes me awhile to wind down, NOT ANYMORE! This product is great and I would recommend it to anyone who, like me cannot relax quickly!

Kathleen Mizway: I received my products this past Friday.. I have suffered from insomnia for awhile…I’m one of those people who can be totally exhausted but when I go to bed .. I am wide awake..My brain keeps thinking of what I have to do the next day..I make up lists of projects in my head..I decided to give the RLX a try..After 20 minutes of taking 1 dose I went to bed..and wow! I feel asleep right away!! I woke up refreshed and not groggy..For many yrs I took sleeping aids and always felt groggy upon awakening..and had headaches.. It would take alot of caffeine to be alert. I also noticed i seem to have more dreams at night.. very pleasant..I have been on RLX for two nights and I am getting great results..

Mary June Superticioso Burns: These drops are amazing. I am so excited to have noticed that my nails are so strong and has grown longer so fast! I don’t have lots of falling hair unlike before. My skin is also getting better. With the onset of depression and stress, this RLX is a great helper. Aside from these, I have testimonies with ICE. How effective and fast acting! It’s amazing! Hahaha. As I have shared with the Zoom meeting, I’ve been battling cancer (Thyroid/ Lymph nodes) the 3rd time (15 years) and second surgery is recommended but I avoided it. I took the natural way to heal and added the APLGO DROPS made the cancer undetectable. Prayers that my new blood test results in 2 weeks will be the same. I am #grateful for my friend Lizzie Tiu for sharing with me. And for the awesome leaders we have! #cancer#bty#hair#nails #rlx

Tina Casper D’Angelo November 18 2021 Anxiety gets the best of us sometimes 💕. I have to share this story…. My hubby has been enjoying semi-retirement this year. Recently without much notice, he was called back to be in charge of a high stress job. It was a sudden mindset shift, which instantly threw him off. The night before his first day back, he was tossing and turning, couldn’t fall asleep, tried all the things, reading a book, watching Netflix. His brain wouldn’t shut off and his anxiety was getting worse and worse, almost full on panic attack he described it 😢. I think we’ve all been there! Finally he remembered we had RLX! He knows that usually one isn’t enough for him. So he popped 2 drops in his mouth and within 10 minutes a feeling of calm came over him and he was able to fall asleep. He even woke up immediately when his alarm went off with only 4-5 hours of sleep and couldn’t believe how good he felt 😍. I was working at the hospital when this was all happening so I had no clue 🤷🏻‍♀️, he told me his story the next day. I love that he figured this all out on his own 🥰👏🏻He’s had so many great experiences using all our natural anion plant DNA drops, even his athletic performance is better than ever, he can no longer deny it. 💯 believer! *RLX also helps his old back injury that flares up (natural muscle relaxer) combined with SLD and STP. It also helps our daughter that is high anxiety during the day. #rlx#stress#tension#panicattack

TINA MALSOM: I have never had long nails I’ve always had fake from the nail salon because my nails just never grow and they’re super thin but holy moly check them out today after 10 weeks of taking the grw – I can’t believe how long and strong my natural nails are!!!

Touran Wolfley

I have been struggling with chronic dry eye syndrome for years. Just found an amazing doctor, that finally got me diagnosed properly. I have been taking GROW less than a month and has seen fantastic results. Not needing to put drops in every hour to hour and a half. Completely changed my life as it would anyone. Eyesight is so precious. So so grateful for this product to come in to my life.