SLD (joints)

Joints bothering you? Maybe an injury that now has arthritis? SLD works wonders! Keeping your joints lubricated and moving so you can live life!

This product combined with STP (for occasional pain) and/or RLX (relax) is a great “cocktail”

All the ingredients in these products have thousands of peer reviewed studies over many years for safety as well!

Klee Miller After my shoulder surgery SLD and STP helps me sleep every night without pain and using opioids

Bill Megge: I love STP ! I have badly herniated lower discs however I like to maintain an active lifestyle.For the past 2 months my aches & pains have been soothed drastically !Now part of my repertoire !

Sheryl Sams I came home yesterday and my grandson was here and had been crying cause his ankle was hurting so I gave him a drop for pain and within 5 minutes he was laughing and ready to go play. It was amazing love it

#sld *requested name not be posted on social media: SLD | my aches and pains are gone SLD is a LIFESAVER. I have Lupus, MS, and Fibromyalgia. I am also extremely active with my children; kayaking, hiking, working out, yoga, baseball, and bike riding are all very much so a part of our livesRecovery from these activities is real for me. Usually, I have to take 2 days minimum to work the kinks out and take at least one full day to rest. With SLD, my aches and pains are gone. GONE. The fatigue is still there but I am not extra drained due to pain. I’m in love.Thank you, Kelly, for turning us on to these drops! #SLD#fibromyalgia#lupus#MS